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Komet Amplification introduces it's latest addition to their amplifier line up - the Aero 33.

Komet Amplification is proud to announce it's latest circuit design - the Aero 33. This new model is supremely touch responsive and beautifully musical in it's sonic qualities. As with all Komet amplifiers, the Aero 33 feels as if it were wired to your finger tips - but this new design takes it to an entirely new level. It takes off with searing harmonics which are accentuated as you dig in. Back off your attack or roll down your guitar volume and it responds with a gorgeous clean tone that sings with sustain and a chorus-like chime. The cathode biased quartet EL84 output section is responsible for a beautiful natural compression that supports the player. Vocal, expressive mid range, shimmery top end and a stout, resonant bottom end that makes you think big bottle output tubes are at play.

The Aero 33 is a no compromise amplifier. While it has plenty of gain and natural distortion on tap, it's clean tones are no afterthought and equal or best the most iconic EL84 amps that shaped the perception of what "EL84 chime" has become to mean. Complex, three dimensional sounds that envelop the player, lightning fast response to the finest nuances of touch, and an unparalleled clean to mean range are what the Aero 33 are about. As with all Komet amplifiers, this new amplifier is sonically multifaceted and pedal friendly, no matter which guitar, pickup compliment or playing style you choose.

Videos and sound samples in the works.

Contact Sales Representative Ken Volpe at (203) 966-2096 or email

Contact - Ultrasound Music, Inc. and authorized Komet Dealers.

- 33 Watts RMS
- 4 - EL84/6BQ5 power tubes
- 3 - 12AX7 pre amp tubes
- Fast Gradual switch
- Three way bright switch
- Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Hi Cut
- 4 -8-16 Ohm selector, two parallel outputs
- Cathode biased
- Solid State rectification
- Custom designed transformers made in the U.S.A.
- Internally hand wired and meticulously assembled with the finest of components.
- Silver tinned Teflon wire
- Laser cut aluminum welded chassis
- Head Format
- 120V / 240V AC (internally hard wired)
- Black or Silver control panels available
- Tolex standard available: Black or Red - (custom color options available)
- Completely built in Louisiana, U.S.A.
- Price: $3799.00