The Komet Airbrake
™ is a power attenuator that is inserted between the amplifier's output and the speaker cabinet. It allows the user to turn up the amplifier to utilize its harmonically rich output stage distortion, while reducing the signal sent to the speakers. This lowers the overall sound pressure level and is useful when high volume is not required.
There are many power attenuators on the market, based on several different engineering approaches. The Komet Airbrake™ uses the exact same circuit and parts as the original Trainwreck® Airbrake™ designed by Ken Fischer.
It was originally designed for use with Trainwreck® amps. We feel it's the best sounding attenuator available for the Komet™ Amp, with unparalleled clarity, definition and punch.
All power attenuators by design reduce the interaction between an amplifier's output stage and the speaker(s), which is a critical part of the sound and feel of a tube amp. By reducing the sound pressure level, they also change the human ear's perception of the frequency spectrum.
Accordingly, there is no power attenuator that doesn't change the sound of the amp at all. Some are more natural sounding, some are more compressed, and some thin out the sound.
The Komet Airbrake™ sounds very natural and "real" at reasonable levels of attenuation. It allows the user to bring the level of the Komet™ down to that of a cranked 20 Watt amplifier, while retaining it's distinct voice and dynamics. It is therefore best suited to match the Komet™ to a smaller room, or quieter playing setting.


Features of the Komet Airbrake™ are:

- five fixed attenuation settings via a six-way rotary switch

- the first position of the six-way rotary switch is a true bypass setting (no attenuation)

- line level signal output / control

- one input, two parallel outputs

- 16 or 8 ohm operation only

- Here is a sound sample of the Airbrake™ - Airbrake Sample

  The Komet Airbrake™ will work with other manufacturer's amplifiers, but Komet Amplification, L.L.C.
guarantees safe operation with Komet amplifiers only.

Due to the increasing difficulty in the acquisition of components, the Komet Airbrake™ is only produced
in limited quantities and only available through Komet Amplification.

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Komet Airbrake