Ken Fischer

Ken Fischer

May 12, 1945 - Dec 23, 2006

On Saturday, Dec. 23 2006 our dear friend and mentor Ken Fischer passed away. We are deeply saddened by this terrible news. Ken was an exceptional human being and we will greatly miss his companionship. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ken's family and friends at this difficult time.

Mike Kennedy / Holger Notzel - Komet Amplification

  The Designer's Viewpoint


At Trainwreck™ Circuits, we follow very strict protocols when designing our Trainwreck™ amplifiers. This is our first Trainwreck™ design to be built outside our shop in Colonia, New Jersey, USA. We waited to this point in time for the first ever licensing agreement to build a Trainwreck Engineered™ design.

The Komet™ is a 100% new design, but is built along traditional Trainwreck™ methodologies. Like all "Wrecks", the Komet™ is a single channel amp. It has NO reverb, master volume, effects loop, foot switches, pull pots, transistors or chips ANYWHERE. The chassis is solid aluminum, chosen for the very particular electrical properties that it possesses. Inside the chassis you won't find printed circuits, cotton or imitation cotton wire or fiber tag boards. We don't design with obsolete or questionable materials to "be in fashion."

"The Komet™ is a unique amplifier that cannot be described in words. If you've never flown an F-16 jet fighter, how could one truly tell you how it feels using mere words. Unlike the F-16 fighter, you can take the Komet™ for a test flight. Strap yourself in, crank up the throttle, and go supersonic!"

- Ken Fischer

  The Komet™ Project


The Komet™ is a new design with many unique features. The parameters laid out for the Komet™ before
any designing started included the following:

  - The amp should produce about 50 to 60 Trainwreck™ watts of power

- The amp must have plenty of headroom

- The amp must use a 5AR4/GZ34 tube rectifier for the feel and sound this tube creates without the
mushy sag usually associated with tube rectification

- The amp's bass response must be big, bold, clear and tight

- The amp's touch response must be adjustable from gradual, like a fifties or sixties amp, to fast, like
a Trainwreck™ amp

- The amp's workmanship is to be second to none