Mike Kennedy & Holger Notzel
  Amplifier Services

Riverfront Music (Komet Amplification) was opened by Holger Notzel and Michael Kennedy in June, 1998 as a small repair business specializing in vintage guitars and tube amplifiers.  Most of our time is now spent building our Komet™ amplifiers, but we still offer repairs, overhauls and circuit restorations as when we first started.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a vintage Fender™, Marshall™, Vox™, or any other vintage tube amplifier in need of service. Sorry, but we do not work on printed circuit board amps, transistor amps, or hybrid solid state/tube gear. We also do not offer cosmetic restorations, such as cabinet re-coverings, re-plating of metal parts, etc. We take great care in voicing your amp with only the best in electrical components and do our best to use only period correct parts and components when available.

  Technical / Repair Inquiries:


For technical information and vintage repair inquiries contact:

Riverfront Music, L.L.C.
d.b.a. Komet Amplification
1865 Dallas Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70806-1454

Phone: (225) 926-1976

Email Us - ( kometamp@cox-internet.com )

Holger Notzel & Michael Kennedy - Co-Proprietors

All Komet amplifier demonstrations by appointment only.