Wheels Up!

The Pulse Jet has taken off! A new design and new a look from Komet. Modern lines with retro features, all tightly wrapped in charcoal grey tweed.
How loud is it? That depends on how loud you want it to be. The Pulse Jet can be voiced with an assortment of select power tube types recommended by Komet. Expect around 50 Watts of power when fueled by EL34 or 6L6 power tubes, but you can drop the altitude quite a bit when you install 6V6 power tubes, leveling the Pulse Jet off at around 25 Watts, and all without sacrificing sonic integrity.

Power Tube Biasing is a snap!

Komet Amplfication's bias port system makes biasing your Pulse Jet easy and swift. Any quality digital volt meter will do the job. The power tube bias meter ports are conveniently located on the back panel. The power tube bias is set with a solid aluminium, 10 turn bias dial. This dial has a small locking lever which will keep the bias dial set in place. Release the lever to change the bias setting on the select power tube types recommended by Komet.

True Tube Driven Tremolo

The Pulse Jet incorporates a modified, vintage style tremolo circuit. Speed and Depth controls allow you to set the tremolo to that perfect background shimmer, or to take it down to bayou depths, guaranteed to bring back sonic memories of yesteryear or make new ones for today. On / off footswitch

We are taking orders now. Please contact us at: info@kometamps.com to place an order or for further information.

$4999 US


Vacuum Tubes

  • Total Power
    • approx. 50 Watts RMS / 25 Watts with 6V6 power tubes.
  • Power Tubes
    • 2 - EL34 EH power tubes (will also accept 6L6 / KT66 / 5881 and 6V6 power tubes).
  • Preamplifier Tubes
    • 3 - 12AX7/ ECC83 pre amp tubes (brand dependant on current production avilability).


  • Silver or Black control panels available.
  • Volume Sensitivity Bass Treble Depth Speed controls
  • Three position bright switch.
  • 4 - 8 - 16 Ohm selector, two parallel outputs.
  • True tube driven tremolo circuit.
  • Easy digital volt meter bias port system on back control panel.
  • A ten turn, solid aluminium bias dial with locking mechanism.
  • Tremolo foot switch.


  • Custom proprietary designed transformers made in the U.S.A.
  • Internally hand wired and meticulously assembled with the finest of components.
  • Silver tinned Teflon® wire - hand wired onto a glass epoxy tag board.
  • All switches made by NKK®.
  • 120V / 240V AC (internally hard wired for only one voltage).


  • Components assembled and mounted with stainless steel screws, bolts, washers and nuts.
  • 1/8th" laser cut & welded aircraft grade aluminum chassis made here in Louisiana.
  • Charcoal tweed tolex (custom order color options available).
  • Weight: 38 lbs.
  • Head Format - birch ply construction & made in the U.S.A.
  • Dimensions: 20 ⅝" W X 10" D X 9 ½" H
  • Completely built in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - U.S.A.

Make it
your own.

Komet™ amplifiers are hand-crafted and are available in a wide variety of cosmetics. Each model is available with its own set of customizations such as levant tolex, colored aluminum control panels, and even different Komet logo-plate options — all available from select Komet dealers around the world.

Craft your signature tone and customize your Komet with your own look to boot.

The Komet Spirit