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Discontinued September 2019.

Komet Amplification is proud to announce our very first pedal: the Komet OverDrive Amplifier, or K.O.D.A. — a massive sounding pedal with a stunning feature-set to boot. The K.O.D.A. is a remarkably tunable pedal that offers an exceptionally amp-like overdrive structure with amazing gain-staging flexibility in 3 different circuit positions.

The K.O.D.A. is unique in the pedal world in that it represents a full-featured amp-in-a-box, consisting of a discrete preamp, active tone control section, and a unique switchable power-amp output stage. It can be operated with the output stage switched on or off, giving players very different tone and response characteristics — a new level of versatility not found in other “amp-like” pedals. A three position hi-cut switch allows users to fine tune K.O.D.A.’s treble content to their amplifier.

Sonny Landreth K.O.D.A. demo

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The Master
Overdrive Pedal.

K.O.D.A. offers players a myriad of sounds. The gain staging can be controlled anywhere in the circuit, allowing for anything from a fat clean boost, to edge-of-breakup overdrive, to searing high gain distortion. K.O.D.A.’s natural response is exceptionally full of rich harmonics, yet the unique characteristics of your favorite instrument is never masked. It has a remarkable amp-like feel and response, and reacts well to changes in picking dynamics and guitar volume.

Play KODA Clean to Crunch demo video

Unparalleled tunability.

-- DRIVE determines how hard the guitar signal hits the preamp section
-- GAIN determines the amount of harmonic distortion created in the preamp

-- TREBLE and BASS are active tone controls that can both cut and boost frequencies

-- LEVEL governs the amount of signal generated by the output stage, when engaged
-- VOLUME adjusts the K.O.D.A.'s total output level

Discontinued September 2019.

A PDF version of the K.O.D.A. Owner's Manual can be found below.

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